Edited Volumes 

Know How: Essays on Knowledge, Mind and Action. Co-edited with John Bengson. Oxford (2012).<preface> <table of contents> <oup site>


“Non-propositional intellectualism” (w/ John Bengson). In Bengson & Moffett (Eds.), Know How: Essays on Knowledge Mind and Action, Oxford, (2012) <pdf>

“Introduction: Two conceptions of mind and action” (w/ John Bengson). In Bengson & Moffett (Eds.), Know How: Essays on Knowledge Mind and Action, Oxford, (2012) <pdf>

“Against a posteriori functionalism,” Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 40 (2010): 83–106. <pdf>

“The folk on knowing how,” (w/ John Bengson & Jen Wright), Philosophical Studies, 142 (2009): 387–401. <pdf>

“Reasonable disagreement and rational group inquiry,” Episteme: A Journal of Social Epistemology, 4 (2007): 352–367. <pdf>

“Know-how and concept possession” (w/ John Bengson), Philosophical Studies, 136 (2007): 31–57. <pdf>

“Constructing attitudes,” Protosociology, 21 (2005): 105–128. <pdf>

“Language, communication, and the paradox of analysis: Some philosophical remarks on Plato’s Cratylus,” Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy: Epistemology, 8 (2005): 58–67. <pdf>

“Knowing facts and believing propositions: A solution to the Problem of Doxastic Shift,” Philosophical Studies, 115 (2003): 81–97. <pdf>

“A note on the relationship between Mates’ Puzzle and Frege’s Puzzle,” Journal of Semantics, 19 (2002): 159–166. <pdf>

Encyclopedia Entries, Reviews & Abstracts

“Addendum to Synonymity,” In D. Borchert (Ed.), The Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Supplement), 2nd edition. New York: Macmillan (2006). <pdf>

“Generalized quantifiers and NP conjunction in intensional algebraic logic (Abstract),” Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, 10 (2003).


A theory of metasemantic defaults

The polysemy of predication

A defense of the singular term theory

A case for conservatism

A cognitivist theory of basic evidence

Objectual semantics for non-finite wh-attributions (with John Bengson)

Conceptions, understanding, and wisdom (with John Bengson)

<ppt> slides from Bled Epistemology Conference

Conceptions in progress (with John Bengson)

Knowledge how and intelligent action (with John Bengson)